This building was built circa 1900, and in more recent years housed the Twisted Hop Brewery. SD4 have completely stripped the building back and effectively built a new building inside the old brick façade. New heavily reinforced large concrete foundations were poured, with a new structural steel columns and braced frame built inside the old brick façade wall, that will hold up the mid-floor and roof structures. A new diaphragm mid-floor complete the strengthening to 100% of NBS. A new roof was provided and the inside has been totally refurbished, although in harmony with the 1900 original style. The building had numerous ad-hoc renovations and additions over the years, and SD4 has carried out a sympathetic refurbishment that coordinates the design of the entire building, replacing many of the unsavoury additions not in keeping with the overall building. The end result is a fantastic building we and our Tenants are all very proud of. The building is now 100% leased with Dux Central and CDC / MBIE's Business Incubator Hub taking approx 40% each, and with Pot Sticker and Sal's New York Pizza the remaining tenancies.