Studio D4 through a related company Berkshire Properties bought the substantially earthquake damaged, heritage listed Victoria Chambers building in 2016. SD4 painstakingly earthquake strengthened the 1926 building to 100% NBS, and using the original 1926 drawings, worked with Heritage Architect Tony Ussher, to fully refurbish this building to an as new condition, in sympathy with the original design intent.


This building has been much loved by many Christchurch people, and SD4 felt a strong responsibility as guardian to lovingly restore this iconic building, adjacent to the new Christchurch Convention Centre. As the refurbishment neared completion, we agreed to hold a Public Open Day, expecting 30-40 people. We were in-undated with 450 people coming to view the property. We intended to retain the property within the Berkshire Properties portfolio, but received a very good offer from the owner of our main hospitality tenant, the Permit Room, which we ventrally accepted. SD4 managed all the fit out works on the building for the Permit Room on behalf of the new owner.

779 Front 2018 11-1-01.png